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Gears of War and Doom had a motel quickie and the result is 

Cazzarion: Demon Hunting


Once banned now back! Victory, victory, the Wokies were defeated! Cazzarion: Demon Hunting is back in the Xbox Store (follow this link into the sewer system of the Xbox Store). The game is also available on Steam (follow this link to the Steam Page) and on PS5 (follow this link to the Playstation Page).



Short Update:

They are watching me, they check my phone number, call me and babble incomprehensible stuff on the phone, they send me perfectly crafted phishing e-mails and ask me to press a button. Soon they will use physical force. If something happened to me, it wasn't an accident. I can't say any more, actually I've already said too much. To everyone reading this, take care. They will be back and then God help us. 

Only so much, in "Cazzarion: Resurrection" everything is revealed. Stay tuned and may God protect you from the evil enemy out of the darkness.

Read this and think for yourself.

Next Update:
They don't give up, they keep trying. But 440C and I are ready, we're waiting for the evil out of hell  !