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Gears of War and Doom had a motel quickie and the result is 

Cazzarion: Demon Hunting

The Game is available on Steam (follow this link to the Steam Page) and on XBox Series X/S (follow this link into the sewer system of the Xbox Store). The XBox Version have an free trial ! 

Attention: This game is not woke!! This game is worse than rock music. OMG, in this game, lesbian transfeminin werehogs get killed by a toxic white old man! If you play this game you can get paralyzed. If you can't feel your toes or butt while playing or after playing, see a doctor right away.
Play the game at your own risk, if you are woke and you feel unwoke while playing, take a 5 minute break. 

AS ALREADY MENTIONED: THIS GAME IS NOT WOKE!!!! And the woke gaming community is pissed off about this game!

IMPORTANT: This game is registered in an woke Game Development World Championship. Please got to this Game Web Page and press the "Like" button. The games with the most likes will be shown in an monthly hitlist. What will an unwoke game look like in this hit list?